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Commercial Truck Driver Training Courses – ICBC Certified

At Oceanside Industrial Skills Training, we take Commercial Truck Driver Training seriously.

We will teach you to commit to the values of safety, teamwork, career-long learning and customer service in combination with technical driving skills. You will learn from seasoned professionals on late model vehicles and benefit from the best student-to-machine ratio in the industry. As you develop technical skills, master core competencies and log time behind the wheel, you will add confidence, professionalism and self-marketing strategies to your list of strengths.

We are committed to:

• Challenging new commercial drivers to think, plan and drive like professionals every time they are on the road.
• Working with existing commercial drivers to upgrade their licenses and enhance their careers.
• Preparing commercial truck drivers to attain Red Seal Certification, allowing for greater inter-provincial employment mobility.

We also take getting you hired seriously.

With a 95%+ hiring rate our track record proves that OIS graduates are job ready and in demand. We’ve trained and assisted hundreds of commercial truck drivers to position themselves successfully in the marketplace and land secure, high paying jobs in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Mike Obal, Instructor Training driven by passion.

As an employee, project manager, and an independent contractor, Mike Obal has worn all the hats at one time or another. Realizing that he was more of an innovator for these groups he developed skill upgrading programs long before training was available. Years of in-house and custom skill development for various organizations has resulted in many of the techniques unique to the OIS Truck Driver Training programs offered today. Often copied they cannot duplicate Mike’s passion for commercial truck driver skill development.

Mike has been busy with workshops and developing industrial training programs for many years. The oil and gas sector, construction, forestry, mining, and transportation all have specific needs and requirements when it comes to professional training or upgrading for commercial truck drivers and heavy equipment operators. Tailoring training programs for these industries is where Mike’s knowledge and experience is second to none.

Commercial Truck Driving Courses Available

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