Professional Truck Driver & Machine Operator Training

Truck Driver and Equipment Operator Training Advantages

Oceanside Industrial Skills believes that to become a successful and sought after Commercial Truck Driver or Heavy Equipment Operator you need to offer a complete package to potential employers -  commitment to the values of safety, teamwork, career-long learning and customer service, in combination with technical skills.

From day one, Oceanside students are focused on the goal of landing an industry job that will kick start the development of a new career or enhance an existing career. As students develop technical skills, master core competencies and log time in the seat or behind the wheel, they concurrently add confidence, professionalism and self-marketing strategies to their toolkits. 

Learn from the best on late model equipment in a safe environment

OIS offers students the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals on late model equipment and vehicles. You’ll soon realize the benefit from the best student-to-machine ratio in the industry. Not only does OIS offer late model equipment we have the land that allows you to learn equipment operating in a safe, controlled environment, developing the driver or operator skills you’ll need. After some skill development OIS is active in getting students involved in non-tendered industry projects whenever possible in order to bridge the gap between skills development and employment.

OIS students have participated in projects with the following organizations:

• Habitat for Humanity
• Ducks Unlimited
• Comox Valley Food Bank
• Agricultural Groups / Local Farmers
• Service Clubs
• First Nations projects

Oceanside Industrial Skills Equipment Inventory

We are proud of the investment we have made in our fleet of late model equipment and vehicles.  We have a stake in keeping our equipment well-maintained and in peak running condition in order to maximize our students’ learning experience and prepare them for the marketplace.

• Excavators between 15,000 lbs and 60,000 lbs
• 950 Sries Rbber Tire Loaders
• D4 to D6 Dozers
• 12G and 14G Graders
• 30 ton Articulated Haul Truck 
• Class I Tractor Trailer / Lowbed / Reefer 
• Class II Tour Bus
 • Class III Highway trucks / Dump Trucks
• Class IV Passenger Van

Mike Obal - Training and Creating Job Ready Employees

Oceanside Industrial Skills Ltd. has one clear vision - to work with industry and students in developing the knowledge and skills that will provide the best professional heavy equipment operators and commercial truck drivers available for industry today.

Mike has been involved in both the transportation sector and equipment operation for close to 40 years. His background is extremely diverse and while always having an operational thread his many facets of industry knowledge does not come without experience. 

With his background in construction, oil and gas operations, forestry, and mining operations the vision became clear as most large scale projects require recruiting the right people. Spending time developing employee skills for his own project needs naturally led him to forming Oceanside Industrial Skills a company committed to this type of industry based skill development. 

As an employee, project manager, or independent contractor Mike has worn all the hats at one time or another. Realizing that he was more of an interpreter for these groups he developed skill upgrading long before training was available. Both in house and having other companies looking to him for help in these skill development areas brought about the development of many of the techniques unique to Oceanside programs today. Often copied they cannot duplicate Mike’s passion for operator skill training. 

While Oceanside has earned its reputation on job ready skills there is much more to do. Mike continues to develop new standards for equipment operation and doing more with less. The advancement in machine capacity and fuel efficiency is not being conveyed to existing operators very well. The need for current operators to upgrade has never been greater and their understanding of how to get more for less needs to be addressed. Our new operators come equipped with much more knowledge of the new engineering in the equipment and we want everyone to have that knowledge. Working closely with industry Mike is offering his knowledge to a greater audience than ever before. Many are hardened in their ways and have quit learning. That is so unfortunate as there is so many exciting developments for operators that its tough to believe anyone could know it all.